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 Home > Articles > DMC Perle 5 Cotton

DMC Perle 5 Cotton

DMC Pearl 5 CottonDMC Perle 5 Cotton is a thick, lustrous thread that is beautiful to work with. It is ideal for embroidery requiring a rich effect and raised pattern. Its special twist gives it a distinctive pearly effect. Available in skeins and balls, it also comes in several thicknesses so that it can be used on a wide variety of fabrics. The ‘5’ indicates a medium thickness; Perle 3 is heavier for more pronounced stitches and Perle 8 is ultra fine for delicate embroidery.

Composed of the finest long fibre cotton, DMC Perle 5 Cotton has been combed, singed by flame and double mercerised. Mercerisation is a process that treats the cotton thread with sodium hydroxide to shrink the fibre and increase its lustre and affinity for dye. Double mercerisation is what gives DMC Perle its trademark sheen. Passing the thread over an open flame removes any fluffiness and prevents the ‘fuzzies’ experienced with inferior threads.

Perle 5 is the perfect thread weight for Linea by DMC – an entirely new approach to embroidery. Linea by DMC takes simple stitches like stem stitch, back stitch and running stitch and, using Perle 5 Cotton, may be used to embellish just about anything. Silk scarves, linen placemats, cotton singlets, curtains, cushions – the possibilities are endless with Perle 5 Cotton and some Linea by DMC accessories.

With more than 300 colours to choose from, DMC Perle 5 Cotton is sure to prove an exciting new addition to your needlecraft collection.

Needlecraft at Leutenegger Katie Grishel
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