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 Home > Articles > Dye Another Day - Hobby in a Box!

Dye Another Day - Hobby in a Box!

Do you love getting surprises? Well you are in for a great
surprise with the Dye Another Day - Hobby in a Box!

The very well packaged, custom wooden crate is packed with goodies for your Dyeing experience.

The box 25.5cm x 21.5xm and 10cm deep and can be used after wards to store your patterns, stencils or any other useful items in your collection.

It is a complete start-up kit it comes with everything you need to get you started including the Dye Another Day Cd-rom, fabric, 3 reactive dyes, soda ash, measuring cut, sponge brush, two stamps, mask, apron, 2 patterns plus the pattern on the CD Rom, a copy of the Computer Craft Magazine, oh and a Tea bag so you can have a nice cuppa while you watch the CD!

The Dye Another Day CD is a great bargain as it is, but with all these extras ready to go in your wooden crate you don't have an excuse not to get stuck into the Dyeing straight away!.

The CD is split into three sections and comes with a free quilt pattern.

The Basics (Things you need to know before you get started)
  -About Fibre reactive dyes
  -Colour theory
  -Basic dye recipes
  -Different dye methods
  -Colour mixing
  -Basic equipment


The Dyeing (How to perform various dye techniques)
  -Fabric preparation
  -Colour graduation
  -Double graduation
  -Colour wheel
  -Tray dye
  -Vat dye
  -Dye painting

The Extras
  -The pattern instructions
  -Dye sources
  -Conversion charts
  -Recommended reading
  -Printable recipe cards

The CD rom is very easy to navigate and it provides a wealth of additional information about dyeing and all the different methods. There are 10 methods covered on the CD rom and they are all every easy to follow.

And don't worry you don't have to read all the information, the CD Rom is very interactive and you can sit back with your cup of tea and listen to Michelle tell you all about the different steps you need to take to get the finished result. You can even print out each instruction separately. Don't worry about spilling your dye on the instructions, you can print them again.

The over all presentation of the CD rom is very colourful and a pleasure to watch. The step by step images are clear and informative as well. Almost like being in a class room with Michelle and watching her in person.

The Dye Another Day CD on its own is a great gift idea for any craft person, but combined with the Hobby in a Box goodies its even better!

Cost of Dye Another Day - Hobby in a Box $ 149.95 including GST but not postage.
Dye Another Day CD Rom on its own is $59.95 including GST.

Purchase on line from or your local store.



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