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 Home > Articles > Slimline Light Boxes

Slimline Light Boxes

Slimline Light Box by Linda & John Parker

Tracing made easy!………

Sick and tired of waiting for someone to make you a light box??

Or - how do you make one? - or where do you get the components? - what type of light? - Clear glass or frosted? - so many questions - so confusing!

Well, we have the answers and the wait is over…………..

The "Slimline Light Box" is perfect for most crafts and hobbies.
Made in Victoria by a small family business, 2 sizes of light boxes are now available.

Our proven and practical design is perfect for most crafts and hobbies. The "Slimline Light Box" provides excellent illumination and light distribution.

A robust design combined with simplicity in components makes the "Slimline Light Box" an essential tool for any craft enthusiast.

Check out our web site for full product and order details.

Deliveries are available throughout Australia and to most countries around the world.

The Company

The "Slimline Light Box" is manufactured and distributed by MHCS Pty Ltd a small family business owned by Linda & John Parker, who operate from the family property
in Beaconsfield in Victoria..(on the South East coast of Australia)

The business began in early 2001 when Linda wanted a light box for her patchwork classes - and asked her loving hubby to build her one, and he did!.

Well, we reckon that question has been asked to thousands of husbands worldwide- and we now have heard some of the most creative reasons why they have never been built.

There are always plenty of good reasons - have to wash the car, do the gardening, build a fence, go to the footy, off to the pub, sore back, headache, paperwork - you name it we have heard the reasons. (all good reasons for a bloke of course, but frustrating for the ladies)

Well, to continue the story……. John built one for his loving wife, she tested it, moaned about numerous things, so he built another. She tested it again, she moaned, and so it goes, time after time after time after time…………....

success - a design that worked! Then it started -Linda's colleagues wanted one. John was in demand!!!

The events that followed are now history - from something that basically started from nothing, our products are now being supplied throughout Australia and New Zealand, Europe, the UK, USA, Asia and the Middle East. Our dealer network expands each month and direct sales continue on a daily basis. We are thrilled to constantly receive letters of thanks from our clients, as we have been able to supply what has been difficult to source in the past. To our customers we say - "Thankyou" - to our prospective customers we say "Welcome" - we hope we can be of service.

Tracing methods (time for a giggle)
Please note that these are tracing methods as explained to us by our customers. Some are common and yet some are quite bazaar.

Please note that we do not endorse any of the methods detailed.

Traditionally, craft enthusiasts fall into various categories when exploring tracing methods -

The most common is of course "The Window Tracer" - get the old pattern, stick it to the kitchen window - hold up the fabric and go for it!! - This proven and most popular method is fantastic for increasing arm muscles.

Then comes "The Glass Coffee Table" - clear the junk from the table, grab the bedside lamp and stuff it under the table!

The "TV Tracer" - tune the TV to a blank station, turn the sound down, stick the pattern to the screen and away you go…………..

The "Washing Machine Tracer" - YES - The Washing Machine!
Get the bedside lamp, pop it into the top loading washing machine, put a piece of glass over the opening and away you go!!!! This is outright DANGEROUS!!! DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS!!!!!

The "Oven Tracer"
Tape onto the oven door and turn on the oven light - Bake a cake and trace at the same time!!!!! - hmmmm

The "Book Tower Tracer"
Build three towers from your favourite books, cover with a glass
top - use a bedside lamp or torch.

The "Torch Tracer"
For small works only! Place pattern on glass of torch - you would
have to be keen!

The "Fish Tank Tracer"

Tape your pattern to the fish tank - turn on the light

As you can see, there are some very creative and innovative craft enthusiasts when it comes to tracing. The best way to trace is of course using a light box - BUT - not just any light box - You need to use a "Slimline Light Box"

So what makes a "Slimline Light Box" sooo good?

  • Coolwhite fluorescent lamp provides excellent illumination and is easy to replace.

  • Opal Acrylic Perspex provides a heavy-duty work area and even light distribution.

  • Wooden frame is robust in design and practical in use.

  • Compact design - only 75mm deep, stand up on its end when you are finished so storage is not a problem.

  • Convenient carry handle for ease of transportation.

  • 2 sizes are available - Standard for desktop use - Mini for use on your lap or on a desktop.

Slimline Light Boxes Linda John Parker
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